MediaMonkey Portable + Last.FM Plugin

Most of us out there already knew the above combination is a recipe for disaster, what makes it worse is that we are now working on a Portable installation.

Lets get to the actual issue:
Official Wiki:

Option 1 doesn’t work with unicode. Chinese/Japanese characters will not scrobble. Bummer!
Option 2 does not come with a configurator! All the random podcast and video will get scrobbled, quite a pain to always login to to do garbage collection eh?
We are not forgetting that both Option 1 and 2 will require the Last.FM windows scrobbler installed in order to work 🙁
Option 3 is the official MediaMonkey way, but has been quite a pain to setup, worst if you are on Portable Installation mode!

Lets get this fixed! At the point of publishing this article, my installation version is v4.1.2.1706 (Portable Mode) and the bug is highlighted here:

1- Run the MediaMonkey installer as you would, select “Portable Installation” (else why would you be here reading this?)
MediaMonkey Portable Installation

2- After Installation, launch MediaMonkey and make sure everything is in order.

3- Head over to the official MediaMonkey plugin page for Last.FM –
Download and install the plugin of course.

4- During installation, you should be greeted with the following options:
Submission Rules
Ensure that you select your exclusions! My settings are as shown. (I wouldn’t want to scrobble stuff without Album metadata — mainly podcasts)

5- Installation will prompt you to perform a restart of MediaMonkey for installation to be completed. Select “Cancel” and manually close the MediaMonkey application.

6- Open a command prompt and proceed to execute the following commands:
“C:\MediaMonkey\MediaMonkey.exe /elevate /regcomserver”
Command Prompt - MediaMonkey Fix
MediaMonkey should NOT launch. This is normal, we are just manually triggering the MediaMonkey Com Server Registration.

7- Close the command prompt and start MediaMonkey again as you would usually do. No more crashes! Be sure to head over the options to finish your plugin configuration, including adding your username and password!

There has been poor documentation of the plugin, essentially the new dashboard button for Audio Scrobbler meant the following:
Green = Enabled
Yellow = Testing/Do not submit Mode, logs will still be generated for scrobbles but will not be posted to Last.FM
Red = Disabled

Hopefully this article finds it way to help many others out there!

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