Cisco MD release IOS crashing on me


This article was never completed for publish. It has been sitting on my drafts, I decided to add this top text and toss it out for kicks 😉


Monday blues, now accompanied with router crashes >.<

Cisco IOS Crash

Great, anybody remembers the drill?
Here is my usual routine:-
1- If everything is dead “1800 Call Cisco Gold Support”
2- If it somewhat revived but may be in a “1/2 past 6” state, “1800 Call Cisco TAC”, raise case to P2.
3- If nobody else died, try to fix it yourself first 😉

In this case, this happens to be (3). So off I go to the bug scrub tools!

Cisco Error Message Decoder:
Cisco IOS Crash Error Decoder

Wow, so its a software error? Guess what? I am already on the latest version of the MD release train of the IOS. Bummer.

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