Armory Expanded

Its been awhile since I had time to update this space. A couple of things have change, and most around me would have guessed, I now have access to *real* 10Gbps Internet — I am 1 hop off to reach Equinix SG1 Exchange!

My home network saw some upgrades for the new service:-

What is here:
RouterBoard CCR1036-8G-2S+EM (Self upgraded rams using Corsair Dominators, because.. .. why not?!)
Asus RT-AC3200 (running Asus-Merlin firmware until proper DD-WRT support arrives)
Cisco SG300-10 (Trusty old 8+2 combo port gigabit switch)

What (may be) coming:
Dell X4012 – but Dell still wants S$1500 for each of these, going to try haggle more!
RouterBoard CCR1072-1G-8S+ – this is newly released, SRP says US$3050 though
Intel E10G42BTDA, also known as the X520-DA2 – S$500 off newegg!

What is using it:
3 – Gaming grade PCs
2 – Cisco NSS326 (fully converted into Qnap’s TS-659) running rTorrent round the clock. These are operating on 802.3ad for increased throughput.
1 – Normal “work” PC
1 – Media PC for the TV
1 – Laptop (via WiFi)
1 – Chromecast (via WiFi)
1 – MiBox (via WiFi)
A bunch of consoles… Xbox, Playstation, Vita/Vita TV, Ouya, 3DS etc.
.. and a bunch of mobile phones/iPads.

At peak hours (with the torrents blazing in the background), clocking around 1.5Gbps constantly with spikes of up to 4.5Gbps visible on a hourly averaged graph. For the people who loves to see blink blinks:
1Gbps limited by my PC’s Network card obviously.

Much more work needs to be done to fully utilize the goodness of 10G, including plans to run new fiber optic cables around the house!

[edit: added bufferbloat test just for kicks :)]

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