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It has been awhile since I updated this space, I have since completed army and entered working life, away from my self-employed freelance life that is. This is probably my first full-time being employed instead of the usual contract based freelance jobs, or even the self-employed jobs I have been up to. :p

I have since started working in July, a whole hell lot sooner than I would have expected. Hey I wanted to slack around for a month or two after army, wonder why I even joined them so early.

(And here is where my office is located: SuperInternet (Singapore) Pte Ltd)

Some perks of my job includes but not restricted to:-

  • A shiny new Dell OptiPlex 9010
  • 2 PCs of Dell U2410 Premiere Color Ultrasharp Screens
  • A laptop of my choice! Have yet to pick one.
  • Unrestricted access to MSDN (all software for testing, no limits!)
  • Unrestricted access to all Cisco IOS (for GNS3 or not, good for picking my Cisco back to par after army)
  • Complementary IPv4 + IPv6 address with BGP
  • and a SGS3

As long as work is done, gaming in office is absolutely fine (after office hours or during lunch breaks)! Some of you may have already seen me online on smack right after office hours :p

While I cannot give away any graphs and such relating to network in office (hint its way more awesome than the following pictures!), here are some from my home :p

*I should have taken a screenshot of the Connection Info page! 3/4 of that speed is non-local! Try getting speeds like these using your usual Starhub and SingTel, or even M1 or MyRepublic. It NEVER comes close. And yes, these were done at home, mind you.

So much to learn, infinite supply of new toys to play with, this is my current new peak in life 🙂

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