addicted to osu!


Late to the game but not losing out on the fun! Many of you around me would know how addicted I could get to any music games, and so yesterday I decided it was time to load this lovely game up!

Background history (for those who never heard of this awesome freeware): I first stumbled upon this game in 2005 on the NDS platform and then again in 2007 with a sequel to it — it was like the only fun NDS based music game that relied on the touch screen! Subsequently discovered osu! being developed on the windows platform in 2010 — it was still too green back then but held lots of potential to be a great game. In 2012 I created my account and kept an eye on its development till date.

I have been contemplating to buy a Microsoft Surface Pro just to play it, and finally last night I installed the game along with the music packs #1 – #463. Fresh install with all that packs resulted in a huge 84.5GB folder — thankfully I have unreasonably fast internet to back me up :p I am typically adverse to donating cash, hence reaching out to the #devs instead to see how I can help off loading their hosting with storage and bandwidth instead.

osu folder

Off to play osu! My profile can be found in the about page of my blog, if you do hit up the game, add me in game!

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