Sync-ing World of Warcraft Interface AddOns + Data across multiple PCs

Got multiple machines? Auctioneer and interface data is being a pain due to de-sync between multiple PCs? This quick fix will help you!

Step 1, pick a sacrifice, one that you are NOT using to keep things neat. (from a list of file sync-ing services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc). In my example, I will be using Google Drive.

Step 2, create the “AddOns” folder to be sync-ed. Watch out for the caps! It has to match with your folder in World of Warcraft > Interface.

Step 3, download the Desktop Sync app ( and get setting up! HALT when you reach the last screen of the setup! Click Sync options.

Step 4, navigate to and select your World of Warcraft > Interface folder as the root sync folder. With Word of Warcraft installed with default parameters, this should result in the following.

Step 5, repeat Steps 1-4 on each PC you want to sync the interface data with!

Bonus Step 6, setup and install Curse ( client to automatically update your AddOns! You will not require the premium membership with the “Sync” function on it with this setup. Free is good!

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