so many new toys, so little time for it

I finally feel in place and can now comfortably claim that I am able to fix every day to day operational issues, breaking little or no sweat 🙂

Though long and personally feeling over committed to it, work is generally interesting and fun! I am as close to the core of the internet as there is to offer now! Adjusting/optimising route on an ISP before I hit 25! These are unexpected turns in life. (Typically it would require a “Senior Network Engineer” with 10 or more years experience, or equivalent title in order to be able to touch back-end routers! Much less change anything on it!)

While repetitive work occasionally gets on my nerves, work is work, good or bad, got to clear them up to move on to more interesting stuffs to come. right? 😀

In the coming months I will be immersing myself in building on Cisco’s REP for our little expensive island, yes the entire island — this is no longer a secret in the industry. And yes I have already worked out and prototyped the configuration myself 🙂

While much of my work remains classified, got to say I am enjoying every technical bit of it, yes, just the technical bits, I am still generally bad with the word ‘people’. Sigh.

Now that I have settled down, occasionally I can be spotted on Battle.Net US servers for Diablo 3 or Starcraft 2 🙂 And in months to come, I will be in Japan again! 27th September onwards!


Random ranting (skip if you find it offensive, you have been warned) [Disclaimer! this is in NO way any commitment from the company I work in; this comes from ME.]

While working in a service industry now, I finally realized how many idiots there are around! Things work as they should here, we don’t brag and we don’t cheat! Day to day I get calls like:

Q:Can you provide a proxy server to speed up browsing experience?
A: Hey, our selling point here is we don’t employ proxy servers! You are actually using real power to surf the net! If you prefered getting your money cheated by the big-three that massively oversells, go ahead. The choice is yours.

Q: My internet slows down during peak hours, are there limiters in place?
A: This is my home internet, would have been sold as a 200Mbps Download, 100Mbps Upload, should the plan be finalized and pushed out.

Oh yes, this is peak hour, barely past 12mn on a Saturday night!

Q: My internet feels like barely 5Mbps.. I subscribed for 100Mbps and my AppleTV doesn’t load fast! I want to terminate my contract!
A: Ok, good luck finding any ISP in Singapore with 100Mbps to US. Let me know when you find one, along with the price tag. This isn’t something you would get for $50, or $100 (since I am technically using a non-existant 200Mbps plan here :p)
p.s: This is how it really feels: 50Mbps average to US (Click HERE) and yes this is from my house. I would have to remind you that I live in Jurong, a normal HDB just like most of you out there and that the abnormal spikes were caused by maintenance, if only I could specify those to be excluded on SamKnows.

Q: My iPhone/Android/iPad/Nexus/(whatever device over Wifi) speed test only shows 15Mbps! Are you cheating on me?!
A: Seriously dude, 3 steps.
1- REMOVE your router from the ONT
2- Connect a laptop (with 10/100/1000 Ethernet of course else you are going to feel limited!) directly to the ONT with the Grey Wire that came with the original installation.
3- Try again.
I’d be VERY interested to know if it doesn’t show you 75% (Meaning 75Mbps download and 37.5Mbps upload on a 100Mbps plan) at any time, and will be glad to fix it!

Bottom line, I would say, world balance in check — Smart people exist only because stupid people are around. /rant end thanks for reading it to the end if you actually did 😐


I actually came back to my blog for house keeping — and to keep the hackers out since this is still technically WordPress based.

In case you are still in the dark, a little late here but don’t panic!
Fix: Step 1 = Update your installation, Step 2 = Grab one of these handy plugins ( or (, they can scan and inspect your installation to rid of malicious codes that may have been inserted into your installation.

That is all I got for now, good night folks.

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